Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday 6th June 2012
After looking at the weather forecast for today we decided to get another early start. It's been a bit of a lock-fest, there's lots of traffic on the cut this week so we've had to queue for most of the locks, but at least there has been plenty of help, and conversation. As I've already stated, some of the locks here are tandem, when they're both in use its great, but after a couple of fully working pairs the whole thing comes to a halt where one of the pair is out of use. However, steady progress was made, in lovely sunshine for most of the time. The boat following us was a hirer, with a couple of teenage kids who really got on with the work, making life easy for us.
After 14 locks and only 4 miles we've moored up at Kidsgrove, just one lock down from Harecastle Tunnel. Our timing was pretty good, we'd only been here about 30 minutes when the rain started.
There's a handy Tesco here, and from the look of the weather forecast we may stay here tomorrow.
One small fly in the ointment is that Red Bull services is shut, all facilities were unavailable, and we will need a can dump in a day or so.

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