Saturday, 4 August 2012

Saturday 4th August 2012
We' had nose around the town yesterday. Cath was taken by all the animal models distributed round the place, all in the aid of charity. Many of them have been decorated by local school kids, and some by professional artists. At the end of the season they will be auctioned off.
Today I took a wander up into town again to have a look around the local museum and get some pics for the album. The museum is chiefly dedicated to the shoe industry as it seems that was the major industry around here, although metal working and brewing also played their part.
The weatherman really did get it right today, heavy showers, and boy are they heavy. We're on a river here so I hope it doesn't keep this up too much.
There's a good sized Morrison's right near the mooring here so we've been stocking up. It looks as if we won't come across another large supermarket from here to Milton Keynes, about 4 days away.

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