Friday, 24 August 2012

Thursday 23rd August 2012
Had a good time in Leicester, in the morning we caught a bus to town and changed to one heading out to a supermarket. This is another place where it's easy to get confused on buses. After checking the bus stops I noticed that the bus which went passed our mooring was the same number which passed the supermarket. Wonderful! Only one bus, no need to change. Wrong! the 48 from mooring to town was run by Stagecoach, the 48 out to the supermarket was Arriva. One town, two bus companies, and they run buses with the same number to different places. Really sensible, great co-operation, eh.
Anyway, this morning we set off again, heading for Mount Sorrel.
The river heads north out of Leicester, passing small industrial units, but once again the countryside soon makes a re-appearance. The scenery's great around here, and thankfully the river is calm, in fact it's a pussy cat, just how we like our rivers to be. We dropped through 8 locks today and travelled 10 miles, making good time as the flow was with us, the river is deep and we just seemed to fly along.
We pulled in at The Waterside pub at about 1.00pm. We'll give it a try tonight.
Tomorrow we'll probably move on to Loughborough.

One of the several unprotected weirs on this river

Looks like we're back in mill country again

They always seem to have magnificent chimneys

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