Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday 5th August 2012
Sure enough, as promised, Leon turned up at 9.00 o'clock ready to help us back up the 17 locks to Gayton Junction.
The forecast was for showers, so, with fingers crossed we set off. The weeds hadn't got any better in the two days since we came this way ( now there's a surprise!). Keeping the revs high certainly helped, and I only had to dive into the weed hatch a couple of times.
Most of the locks were set in our favour, and meeting two boats heading down helped to ensure they stayed that way.
Just after 12.00 we entered lock No 1, the one we'd been looking for all morning.
We said farewell to Leon, what a character he is. A Geordie who seems to live rough and has quite a repertoire of tall tales about his life. He certainly worked hard, and was a real help.
We've now tied up before the junction and are settling down to watch Olympics, specially the tennis, COME ON ANDY!!

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