Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday 29th August 2012
With one wary eye on the weather forecast we decided to get an early start, get to Nottingham, shop and then see what the sky was doing.
We got going before 8.00 o'clock and were only about 5 minutes down the canal before the first drops were falling. it didn't amount to much, thankfully, but tried several times during the trip.
Once we got near the city we found a good spot to moor up, not too far from the local Sainsbury's, and an open view of the sky to see the satellite. Most of the mooring around here is enclosed by trees so we were lucky there.
Just after tying up the rain started in earnest, so we grabbed our brollys and set out to make a raid on the supermarket.
With that finished, we trundled back to the boat and put everything away. It looks as if the weatherman was right and it's set in for the day so we'll stay here and see what tomorrow brings.

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