Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday 21st August 2012
Despite Cath's shoulder still giving her pain, we decided to move up to Leicester anyway. Luckily, at the first lock we met another boat going our way and we paired up. After 2 locks we came across a single boat, but decided not to break the pairing, we've had it done to us several times now and it's annoying to be abandoned.
Just after Kilby Bridge the character of the canal changes. the wide open vistas we have been enjoying give way to housing estates and a bit of industry.
This outlook continues until about Whetstone Lock, when countryside once again predominates. Continuing along we reach Kings Lock where we get our first taste of the river. It hasn't been raining much and the indicator is well in the green, and flow looks very slow. the scenery once again changes, but this time it's a more intimate scene. Open fields have given way to the trees, bushes and wild grasses of water meadow.
The navigation continues to drop through a further 3 locks before reaching the straightened section which runs though Leicester. the mooring for the city is at the northern end of the 1 mile straight, a place called Castle Gardens, where there is a floating pontoon on a secure mooring.
The pontoon only has enough length for 3 average sized boats, and there were already 3 there. Luckily one of them was a hire boat we had shared some locks with a few days ago and they happily called us in to moor alongside.
We'll stay here tomorrow and probably move on Thursday

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