Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday 26th august 2012
I've been very remiss at posting for a few days , mostly because the connection is very poor here. Plenty of bars, just slow. I talked to 3 about it and they tell me  there's maintenance/upgrading going on.
Anyway, we got to Loughborough on Friday and managed to bag a good mooring despite the crush. we are fairly close to town, a very short walk from a pub, and for all that it's quiet.
Paul and Jacqui turned up late  afternoon, bringing all the usual stuff - food, plenty of booze, loads of biscuits. There go any thoughts of diet!
Friday evening we trooped off to The Basin, an Oriental restaurant situated as one would expect, right on the canal basin. We can thoroughly recommend this place, reasonable prices, good service, and excellent food. 
When we were last here this whole area was a building site, and now it's finished. The only complaint I can make is that the basin is too small to wind our boat. The book says 50' max, I reckon a bigger one would go but I'm not willing to chance it.
On Saturday Paul and I took a wander up to check his car was OK. He'd left it in the local pub car park. There was a note on windscreen pointing out, very reasonably, that the car park was for patrons. We had intended to eat there on Friday evening, but The Basin sounded very good so we gave it a miss. Calling in on the landlord, he apologised and asked if he could leave the car for the duration of his stay for a reasonable fee. The landlord said, it's for patrons, are you a patron? So we all had lunch there, it was very nice, and all was happy. By the way, the pub was The Albion, it doesn't look very much, is difficult to get too by car, but the food was good honest stuff, and plenty of it.
This morning, while P&J went out chasing their caches, Cath and I went over to B&Q to look for a folding table, new blind for the kitchen window and some new hinges for the bedroom door, which suddenly collapsed the other day. No table, we got an idea about the blind but didn't buy it.
The hinges were all we got, now they're fitted and the door moves smoothly again, I also got around to putting a hook up to hold the jigsaw case up against the wall. Whenever we moved the table away it used to fall down and I said many time "must do something about that" but nothing got done. Well, it is at last.

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