Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thursday 30th August 2012
Just gone 08.00 this morning we set off from our mooring in Nottingham heading for the first lock. We did notice that the only 48 hour moorings were the ones very close to the supermarket. The rest, and there are quite a few of them, are 14 days. For a city mooring that was unusual. 
The second lock is where there are services and we dumped a can and some rubbish before going through to rejoin the river. These are new services, when we were here before they were on the other side of the water. Sad to relate though, the showers already had a notice on them "out of commission due to vandalism". 
On the river I was pleased with our speed, we seemed to be making about 6-7 mph towards the first large river lock. Here we joined a convoy of about 6 other boats heading our way. A big contrast to the last time we were here 6 years ago when we were the only boat into all the locks.
My pleasure at our speed was soon taking a knock. We were the last boat out of the lock, and were soon being left behind. Increasing the revs to keep up with them my satellite speedo was showing 8mph, positively flying, but we felt that we should keep up so as not to hold up the next lock.
The weather was once again deteriorating, the wind got up and was whipping up white horses on the river. There was the occasional flurry of rain, but not a huge deluge. If it wasn't for the weather this would be a pleasant trip because, unlike the Severn, you can see over the banks to open countryside. All you need is sunshine.
Our intention had been to get to Gunthorpe and moor up for the night, but when we got there all the mooring was taken so we pressed on to Hazelford Lock, hoping to find some there. luckily we did and we're now tied up ready to take the first cycle of the lock at about 9.30 tomorrow morning, so we'll get a lie in.

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