Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday 8th August 2012
Here we are in sunny Milton Keynes. This place does seem to get a bad press. Some call it soulless, and laugh at the concrete cows (do they still exist?). However on the run in we noted lots of parkland, and decided to go further than the place we had identified provisionally as somewhere to moor and catch a bus to town. We wanted to do a wash load today, and rather than just do the short run to the bridge we had chosen we decided as we were running the engine anyway it would be a good idea to motor further to take a look around and then turn around and go back to any place we thought looked good.
It was a great plan, we were really impressed by the surroundings of the canal and spotted a lovely mooring at a place called Campbell Park. it's a fine spot with landscaped parkland and ponds.
I took wander up to the road and easily found a bus into town. The shopping area is a huge mall, complete with kids play area. Tomorrow we'll both go in, an Cath will get her fix of John Lewis.

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