Thursday, 2 August 2012

Thursday 2nd August 2012
That was an interesting day!
With 17 locks and 5 miles to do today we decided to get a good start so we were up at 7.00 o'clock and on our way by 7.45.
At the first lock we met Leon, a very fit looking lad who seems to make a business of helping boats down the lock flight. He offered his services and we gratefully accepted.
The first few locks went quite well, I went ahead and prepared the locks while Leon stayed with the boat and did the rest of the cycling through.
After the 13 locks of Rothersthorpe Flight there is a gap before the last 4 locks, and the going gets really tough.
The problem here is weeds. Whatever it is that grows in this lovely clear water it's tough. The stuff wraps around your prop and all but stalls the engine. I was diving in the weed hatch quite frequently until I leaned that using higher revs actually kept the prop more clear of weed that trying to 'pussyfoot' through.
I have to say the Leon was a worker. After the Rothersthorpe Flight he told me to stay on the boat and he would do the last 4 alone.
At the end I was happy to part with £20 for the help he provided. He says that if I want a return journey it's only £10, and he'll be ready Sunday morning as I told him that's when we will probably start back.
We're now tied up in Northampton and will explore tomorrow.

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