Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A lovely clear autumn day. Wall to wall sunshine as we cast off for Ferrybridge.
Birkwood and Kings Road locks were in our favour and someone was rising in Woodnook, so we had an easy ride as far as Castleford where the flood lock was also open.
Bulholme Lock did need our attention, but all went smoothly. Carrying on we passed the monster that is Ferrybridge Power Station and hence to Ferrybride Lock. Getting off the boat on the at the upstream end of Ferrybridge Lock is awkward, the quayside is the same height as the top of a narrow boat. I jumped off and started to cycle the lock, Cath brought Lyra in and as I walked to the other end of the lock to operate the the downstream sluices and gates the sluices started all by themselves. While I had been operating the other end of the lock, the keeper had arrived to deal with a commercial boat which was due, so she had completed our cycle for us.
After mooring up for the day I took a quick look at tomorrow's weather. I got a bot of a shock there. According to the Met Office the next two days are supposed to be very wet. If they're right we will probably stay put.
While we were passing Whitworth Wharf this morning there was a boat being loaded with sand. Have a look at how low his stern is.

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