Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday 20th September 2012
Castleford again. As we suspected, we got up this morning to find it raining. A glance at the Met Office site and we decided to settle down for the day.
However, by 11.15 the sky was brightening so we put the kettle on for coffee and agreed that if it looked ok by the time we'd finished it we would  set off for Castleford. The reason for this is the lack of facilities at Ferrybridge, and if the rain get worse tomorrow, as they predict, we may get a bit low on water and also need somewhere to dump a can.
The sky continued to brighten so we set off. It only sprinkled a bit of rain during the journey, Bulholme Lock was manned when we got there, we only had to wait while one of the commercial barges cleared the lock and we were in, without anyone having to lift a finger.
We've once again tied up at Castleford, near the services. If the prediction about weather are correct we'll stay here tomorrow. After that we aren't sure but the current thinking is to do a couple of short days on the way back to Leeds. I reckon it's a bit early in the year for that, but fine days are getting fewer.

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