Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tuesday 25th September 2012

It certainly looks like it was a very good call to get back to Leeds!
As the rest of the country will know we've had a little bit of rain recently.
Sunday morning wasn't too bad, Liz picked Cath up in her car and they went shopping while I got on with a bit of boatwork. Cath returned in time to beat the expected rain, but a couple of hours later it started. It seems to have been raining ever since.
Yesterday we we just sat in the boat, doing not a lot, enjoying the rest and the sound of rain on the roof.
This morning I took the camera out and got some photos of water levels around here. I'll put some of them on here, but unless you're familiar with the normal state of things it may not mean a lot.
While I was out there I met a chap from Leeds City Council Emergency Team surveying the state of the river. Millennium Bridge had been closed overnight because the steps leading up were flooded, but the river has actually dropped a bit this morning but he told me that they expect it to rise again during the day. There are sand bags already in place at the flats on the North bank, just across the river from The Armouries.
The bad news is that I will have to go out to empty our can some time today, not looking forward to that.

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