Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wednesday 12th September 2012
That's the quack sorted for another few months. As usual Boots couldn't fill the prescription without ordering more, so tomorrow will do.
We were going to watch "The Bourne Legacy" this afternoon but when we checked the times again it turned out that it wasn't being shown today. Yesterday and tomorrow, but not Wednesday!
After visiting the quack's we went for a bit of a shopping spree, well that's a bit strong for a couple of mags, some new PJs and some smalls, but sitting still is so boring even that is a highlight.  It isn't really that bad, I've been getting on with small jobs which have been neglected while cruising, and Jeff, from "Bendigo" has shown me another, very good, solution to the problem of adjusting the length of the fenders to compensate for the varying heights of moorings so I'm now making up the new style for Lyra.
On the subject of moving, we plan to take off again this Saturday and take a couple of days getting to Stanley Ferry.

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