Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday 10th September 2012
It's now Monday afternoon and we've fully settled in. Jeff, off Bendigo came along Saturday evening and told us they would be moving from our mooring early, so we decided not to put any more money into the electric meter on the one we were on.
We were still in bed when we heard Bendigo moving. Lazy toads aren't we?
We finally got our posteriors off the pit, and after breakfast set to moving the boat. There was no wind in the basin so it all went smoothly, and now we're tied up in our own little slot. BW, or should I say the C&RT have even put a sign on the quay "Lyra only". Thankfully, one of the worries about this slot, would we see the Sky satellite? didn't happen, and all is well
The neighbours seem a friendly bunch,  Sally, Jeff's other half, organises a monthly outing for all the moorers. We won't be able to attend the next one as we probably will be out cruising, but with winter coming we'll no doubt join then.
This morning we went up town to do some shopping, and this afternoon I changed the remaining incandescent lamps in the boat to LED, and then finally got on with modifying the table which I made for the well deck. Cath wanted it to move forward further, and for this to happen I had to cut a slot out of the base to accommodate the water tank filler or it wouldn't stand flat on the deck.

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