Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday 16th September 2012
Yesterday the Met Office web site were showing rain starting in our area around 10.00 am. We got up at about 7.30 this morning, guess what? it's raining. It didn't last long though.
After a very indulgent breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches I emptied a can at the facility before setting off for Stanley Ferry.
Although the rain had stopped there was a chill breeze blowing as we cruised along the Aire and Caulder. 
At Fairies Hill there is a gravel wharf which is still used by the big commercial craft, but today is Sunday so we don't expect to meet any of the monsters. But there is still an obstacle here. Right on the corner, opposite the wharf entrance there is a hidden sand bank just waiting for someone to cut the corner a bit. Having been one of those unwary boaters in the past I now give it a wide berth.
In good weather this is a fine piece of countryside to cruise through, but autumn is coming, the sky is grey, and there is a hint of the colour to come in some of the trees.
The rain held off, in fact the sun put in an appearance for all of 5 minuets, and we arrived at Stanley Ferry after a couple of hours. The moorings here were nearly empty, so we got a good spot not too close to the pub, but not way out in the boondocks.

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