Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday 22nd September
Friday morning dawned dank and damp. Later on it started to brighten up so we decided to move on a bit nearer Leeds.
Castleford Flood Lock was closed, but available for self operation. The indicator board at the upstream end showed just below the red so we continued heading for Lemonroyd. Once there we found the indicator board in the red. It had started to rain again so we decided to stop once we were through the lock. There were a couple of C&RT guys at the lock so I asked what the chances were of Clarence Dock gates being open. It turns out that they were shut this morning, but with the weather expected to clear overnight they should be open in the morning.
The rain continued to pound down for the rest of the afternoon, but the weatherman kept promising Saturday would be fine.
This morning dawned bright and clear so we set off. Our intention was to get to the dock, if it was shut we could tie up on the pontoon just below Leeds Lock and wait for the river to go down.
At Knostrop Falls Lock the indicator was well in the green and I asked a C&RT man there and he confirmed that Clarence Dock was open.
We arrived back on our mooring at about 10.30. A short walk into town to get the all important bottle of wine for tonight and now we've settled in for the day.

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