Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesday 4th September 2012
Being a bit unfair maybe, but Keadby seems to be the end of the world. I took a wander around last night and there didn't appear to be anything there except the lock and some marine services.
About 1/4 of mile along the canal from our mooring there is a railway bridge across the canal. In the book it's marked as a "sliding bridge". it's the noisiest thing you can imagine when a train goes over it. Although it was a fair way from us, whenever one of the long freight trains crossed it there was an almighty clang, clang, clang sound that seemed to carry a huge distance.
When we got to it this morning I was intrigued to find out how it worked, but unfortunately I couldn't get to watch it because I had to move the boat fairly smartly so as not to hold up any trains. I did see though, that it definitely does appear to slide back into itself. I was also surprised to see a house next to the track. How anyone could live with that noise I don't know.
This place is full of surprises, as well as that interesting sliding bridge I've seen several manned level crossings. I thought they had all gone.
We're on the Stainforth and Keadby canal, part of the South Yorkshire Navigations. For the most part it is straight line boring, linked by the occasional corner. But at least you can see over the banks. This time of year the scenery isn't that inspiring, the fields are mostly hay bales and the trees haven't turned to colours yet.
We've moved down as far as Stainforth and moored up for the night. I took a walk into town, it appeared pretty dead, but when I asked someone local about shopping I was pointed to a shopping centre about a mile out of the village which appeared to be quite thriving, there's even a small Asda.

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