Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday 17th September 2012
A fine day. Damon came over this morning and took me into Normanton to get red diesel, then ran Cath and I into Wakefield to get some more paint. We're in the throws of tarting up the table in the well deck. I made it a few years ago, and the varnish is looking a bit past it. After rubbing it down we decided to paint it this time. What colour? I wanted to do it in the cream which I used for the cratch 'A' frame, or even the same blue used for the boat. But Cath had other ideas, so off we went to B&Q to look at colour choices. The choice was limited, and we finally settled on a light blue.
Back at the boat the three of us went to the local pub for a very nice lunch before Damon had to leave.
This afternoon I finished off sanding down and under coating the table ready for the gloss tomorrow.
We plan to take the boat down to Wakefield tomorrow and if we find some mooring I'll do a bit of shopping for fruit and veg, if not we'll turn around and go to Castleford.

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