Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday 3rd September 2012
This morning dawned bright, just as promised for a change. There were three of us preparing to head down river this morning, 2 of us to Keadby and the third was stopping at West Stockwith. The lock keeper had advised us that between 10.30 and 10.45 was the best time to start our journey. This would would put us pushing against the incoming tide for around the first hour, then, as the tide turned we would be riding ebb flow.
At about 10.45 we headed into the river. As expected, the early going was a bit slow against the tide. At high speed cruising revs we were only making about 3mph. After about an hour, the incoming flow eased and our speed over the ground increased steadily. About an hour later we were flying along at 8mph.
The river was at its best today, and we couldn't have wished for better weather as we cruised along under clear sky and only a gentle breeze.
By the time we reached the M180 bridge over the river, our landmark to call the Keadby lock keeper with about 2.5 miles to run, we were bang on time.
Luckily, the boat we were with was experienced with how to enter this lock. It's tricky. Heading downstream, as we were, you first had to pass the lock entrance, and then wind so that you're heading into the flow of water. Then you must move in close to the wall and fight the current as you creep forward. At the last second you turn hard to get your bow into the lock. Luck was with us and we made it perfectly. The lock keeper reckons it's not often he gets two boats that come in without hitting one of the sides.
We're now moored up just past the lock for the night. Tomorrow it looks like we'll be facing a lot of swing and lift bridges.
On a note of interest we once again came across something that has me intrigued, the maps call them "mooring dolphins". I was expecting to find something that floated, but no, they're just like large fencing to moor against. Why are they called dolphins?

Mooring dolphin?

Heading into the river

Not to be argued with

West Stockwith power station

What a carpet of weed we faced once off the river

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