Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday 7th September 2012
After a quiet night at Ferrybridge we set off this morning to get to Castleford. This is a short journey, made even easier by the flood lock being open (lack of rain).
On reaching Castleford  we stopped as intended to visit the boat yard where we hoped to get Lyra blacked at the end of this season, and to enquire about some extra work we'd like done, such as fitting a high efficiency silencer, checking out the rudder bearings and putting some sound proofing in the engine compartment.
After looking around the yard and talking to the man there I feel confident of the job they'll do.
The day was still fairly young when I'd finished at the yard, Castleford flood lock was also open, so we decided to carry on further towards Leeds, which will make tomorrow's run shorter, allowing us time for some shopping before Damon and Liz arrive to go out for dinner. Lemonroyd moorings was a definite no-no for stopping, the smell of the local effluent plant is overpowering.
We went as far as Woodesford Lock before stopping for the night. This must be the prettiest lock on The Aire and Caulder. Someone does take care around here as can be seen from the pictures.
My decision to book the Castleford yard was given a boost when I got talking to another boat owner on the moorings here. He had just had his boat blacked there and was very pleased with the standard of work done.

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