Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday 18th September 2012
The day looked lovely when we got up this morning. After breakfast I dumped some rubbish and a can before casting off.
We'd just let go the last rope when it started to sprinkle a little rain, Cath asked if we should carry on or wait it out. Having just cast off I wasn't going to try and moor up again straight away, anyway it was just a sprinkle. Oh yeah! It soon turned into a deluge, it only lasted about 15 minutes, but of brother, it RAINED.
Just as quickly as it appeared the sky cleared and out came the sun, just in time for the first lock.
This is one just like Leeds Lock, a duel size, with 3 sets of gates, but only the short set powered up and in use. This short pound is only just long enough for Lyra, it's probably 62 ft.
That was the last powered lock on this canal. At Fall Ing Lock the navigation takes a turn off the river for a short canal section. Strangely this lock is large, but isn't powered. Those gates and paddles are very heavy!
Just after the lock there are some permanent moorings, and at the end of that line there are some visitor moorings. We tied up there and I took a wander into town to get a few things we needed, milk and salad stuff.
On the walk in I crossed an old bridge over The Calder, which has been superseded by a large road crossing. From the bridge you get a good view of a lovely wier, and on the bridge there is a chantry chapel, it boasts of being one of only 4 in the country, and is still in use twice a month.
The picture of the chapel isn't mine, I pinched it from the web.

If you can zoom this pic check out the sign on the bridge

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