Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday 15th October

A lovely breakfast of bacon and egg baps this morning before setting off expecting to stop somewhere near the Wedgwood factory.

Just after the first lock we stopped to take on water and throw rubbish. Opening the cupboard where we keep the waste bin under the sink, we discovered that we had a leak somewhere in the sink drain. Clearing out the cupboard and throwing some water down the sink soon showed where the water was coming from. The sink overflow had come adrift and the tube had fallen down allowing liquid to spill into the cupboard. A bit of cleaning up and a simple repair and we were back in operation and carried on up the canal. The weather was very overcast and soon a bit of mizzle was noticable.

Rising through 7 locks, about 70 ft., we passed the villages of Meaford and Barlaston before deciding to moor up just short of the Wedgwood factory, in lovely open countryside. This was another good call because not long after that it started raining constantly.

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