Sunday, 10 October 2010

Surprise visit!
Sunday 10th October
Yesterday was spent in Penkridge as planned. We did some shopping and then I took the bike for a ride along the towpath to visit Teddesley Lock where there is a branch of Midland Chandlers, so I could have a browse in the 'toyshop' and also buy a hook to replace the one I dropped in the water a few days ago.
Planning on stopping in Stafford to visit John (our son's father in law) we rang up and were told that Daniel was with him for the weekend while Liz was out larping, so we had lovely surprise. Today we set off fairly early to get to Radford Bank, a good mooring spot to get into Stafford. When we moored up we set off for John's house which is only a few minutes away. He fed us a lovely lunch and we got to play with Daniel as well, what a bonus!
We're now back on the boat and John has offered to take us into town tomorrow to do some shopping.

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