Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday 25th October

Clear and cold again this morning. An even thicker coat of frost over everything, and that magical glitter to the landscape.

Once again we didn't plan on going far, only to Stone, about 12 lock/miles. We were followed all the way by a party on a share boat “Stolen Time” who were very friendly and keen. They had plenty of hands and helped with all the locks. Just before Stone we stopped at the facilities to do the necessary and then at the boat yard to see about a quote for our damaged prop. The chap who can give definitive quotes wasn't there, but a best guess was around £500 with little or no delay if the quote is accepted. I'll go back next Monday to get the written article. We only need to get one more now to put before the insurance company and we should be okay.

We've moored up in Stone again and after doing some shopping we are now planning to go out to The Star Inn, one of the oldest pubs on the canal system. It's mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records because non of its rooms are on the same level.

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