Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday 29th October

It seems as though we get one day a fine and the next is foul. Today's was poor. We had decided to move to Penkridge today. Last night was very windy, the boat rocked and nearby trees could be heard swishing around and when we got up the sky didn't look too promising.

Despite that we set off. Some of this length of canal is very exposed and the wind whistles across causing the boat to veer sideways from time to time. Sometimes at lock moorings the wind would pin the boat against the side and Cath coped very well, unlike one chap we came across at a lock. He appeared to be having a bit of trouble because he was hard against the side and couldn't get off. When I offered to help him he was very pleased and said that he'd been trying to get off the side for about 10 minutes!

The sky continued threatening rain but somehow it kept off and there was even a tiny show of sunlight. (about 30 seconds).

At Penkridge there is a winding hole so we turned around before mooring up. I went off onto town to get a few things before we settled down for the evening.

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