Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hazelhurst Aqueduct, where the Leek branch crosses the Froghall Branch

Tuesday 19th October

With the weather report saying that it would be showery by this afternoon we set off, expecting to stop if it became to threatening.

After using the Park Lane facilities block we continued the junction where the canal divides with one branch, which once went to Leek but has been opened only as far as Barnfields, a journey of only 2½ miles goes off to the right before turning and crossing the Froghall branch on an aqueduct.. The other branch, which we are taking, goes straight on down 3 locks and passes under the Barnfields branch.

The showers had started soon after we set off and became frequent so we decided to moor up as soon as we could find somewhere suitable. This turned out to be at Denford and we are now all closed down watching the rain and thinking it was a good decision to stop.

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