Thursday, 7 October 2010

A very decorative bridge over the Shroppie

Brewood church spire from the canal

Wednesday 6th October

After a late breakfast we plodded off, heading for Wheaton Aston where there is cheap fuel to be had. When we were here in 2007 this place was well known for its fuel prices and that is still true today. Their non propulsion diesel is priced at 58.9 ppl, which is another country from some of the prices other rob-dogs on the system try to charge.

The Shropshire Union is a very pleasant canal. One of the last to be built, it isn't a contour canal and has made use of cuttings and embankments to straighten the route, and because the country through which it passes isn't very hilly, at least around here, there are few locks. In fact we only passed one today, at Wheaton Aston. The canal itself changes from very wide in places to just enough room for one boat in some places. We had a minor disaster at one of the narrow bits this morning. While pulled over to allow a boat through a narrow section I noticed that as it came through something on the canal bed caused him to tip sideways quite a lot. Thinking that I could avoid the obstruction I decided to keep over to the other side of the channel. Big Mistake! There was an even bigger rock on that side which caused us to tilt over so far that the slow cooker fell off the shelf and smashed on the floor, cracking a tile as well as breaking its crock pot interior. Ah well, we'll have to buy another because it so useful.

After filling up at Wheaton we carried on for a few miles until we found a winding hole where we could turn around and are now heading back for Autherley Junction. We have moored up out in open countryside and have just missed a rain shower, our luck holds out again.

Thursday 7th October

Another misty start today as we headed back along the Shroppie. While passing Brewood I took the chance to drop into the local shop and get some provisions and MCN. After a while the mist started to lift and by midday the sun put in an appearance.

We were disappointed on reaching Autherley Junction to find that the can dump facility is no longer available so we'll have to wait until Gailey now.

At the junction we turned left towards Stafford and have now moored up at a pub where we'll eat tonight for a treat.

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