Thursday, 21 October 2010

A Taste of the lovely scenery around here

At the junction where the Leek and Uttoxeter Branch split

An LMS engine driver training on The North Staffordshire Railway

Wednesday and Thursday 20th 21st.October

After yesterday's deluge the weather decided to give us a break. The day dawned very cold and perfectly clear. Everything was covered in a thick layer of frost, the ropes were frozen and we had ice on the inside of the windows. But the sun shone high wide and handsome.

In brilliant sunshine we plodded through a wonderland of frost with mist rising from the water.

Our first goal was Cheddleton where there is an old flint mill. This mill, which is powered by a water wheel, was saved from destruction in the 60s and has been kept in working condition.

We walked up into the village to do a bit of shopping before continuing.

The canal has been following the course of the River Churnet and at Oakmeadowsford Lock we drop down onto the river itself for about a mile. Here we are joined by the North Staffordshire Railway which runs right alongside the river for about half a mile. We have moored up in the river section, right across from the railway. They are carrying out driver training today and the engine keeps coming back and forth.

No internet signal here so will post this tomorrow.

Thursday 21st October

Not such a cold night, no ice on the windows this morning.

We have decided not to go the full distance to the end of the canal. The boat can't get through the tunnel near the end because she is too tall and with the possibility of rain we do not want to be caught either on the river or on the wrong side of the river section. We went to the end of this river section where there is a winding hole and started back towards Stoke.

The decision looked to be a good one when it started to rain, but it was short lived thankfully and we continued motoring until we arrived at Endon, where we spent the night a few days ago. Once again we'll stop here until tomorrow.

For any boaters who may be reading this, we can't help but recommend this canal as a place to see. Local tourism does try to say that it is the most beautiful canal in England and I would rate it up there with the best.

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