Saturday, 16 October 2010

Trenham Lock in the rain 2007 (above)
The same place 2010 (below)

Saturday 16th October

Another glorious day today as we set off heading for Etruria, Stoke on Trent. The last time we came this way it was a very wet and cold February in 2007. I've included the picture I took at Trentham Lock at the time to compare the scene.

Six locks today, rising 62 ft to the summit level of the Trent & Mersey. After Trentham, the last 5 were Stoke Flight where we had a great deal of trouble last time around. Yobs had managed to drain the pound between locks 37 and 38 and I had to go to the top of the flight to let water down and fill the pound. No such trouble today and we sailed up the top and turned onto the Caldon Canal.

Here at Etruria is the start of the Caldon Canal and also a museum based on a flint and bone grinding mill which supplied the potteries with raw material. There is a lovely beam engine here, but it isn't running today. They do run it on the first weekend of the month for most of the year.

Tomorrow we will continue our trip along the Caldon Canal. The last time we tried this it was shut after a few miles for maintenance, but now it's open so we'll have a go.

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