Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Monday – Tuesday 11th, 12th October

Monday morning we spent shopping with John and then returned to the boat to get some much needed cleaning done. Carol was due back from Manchester Monday evening so John suggested that we go out and get a Chinese take away. This was enthusiastically seconded by us.

While shopping this morning we bought a replacement for our destroyed slow cooker, but were unsure of the size the original was so bought a 4.2 ltr. Model, but when we got it home it turned out to be too big for the shelf we keep it on so when we went to pick up the take away I took it back and exchanged it for the smaller model, which actually cost more. A good night was had by all and we retired to the boat ready for a good nights kip.

Tuesday morning John again picked us, this time to go to the local doctors' practice so that we could replenish our medicines. Once that was done we set off to travel to Great Haywood Junction where the marina we intend to spend the winter is located.

Once we were moored up at the junction I took a walk to the marina for a look around and to confirm our booking. It looks rather good in there, all facilities are clean and new and the clubhouse has free tea and coffee available all the time. Every mooring has a pin coded gate access and the marina itself has an automatic barrier also with a pin code. The only downside is they don't handle mail so we must get a box at the local Post Office.

We'll spend tonight moored at the junction and will head off north tomorrow towards Stoke on Trent.

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