Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Salt Bridge, No. 82 Trent & Mersey Canal

Wednesday 13th October

Following the Trent & Mersey northbound from Great Haywood, it is at first pretty ordinary countryside. The canal is bounded on one side by the A51 and a railway line, and on the other by the River Trent. They continue to follow us for the rest of the day, sometimes the railway line is so close you feel that you shake hands with the drivers.

The weather started quite cool and cloudy, but as the day wore on it became much clearer and by 1.00 o'clock it was wall to wall sunshine and fairly warm. As we climbed through the locks the countryside improved and soon was very pretty. We're now moored up about ½ a mile from the town of Stone. I took a walk into town to buy my MCN and when I got back decided to sweep off the top of the boat as it was starting to get bit a leaf covered. The local police helicopter paid us a visit and decided to disturb the countryside peace for nearly 30 minutes. Must have been looking for a doughnut shop!

We have decided to go and have a run down the Caldon Canal. When we were here in 2007 we took a short trip along it, but it was winter and a lot of it was closed, hopefully it will be fully open when we get there as it is said to be a pretty bit of canal. The museum at Etruria may also be open I hope.

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