Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday 18th May 2012
Not much happening today. We were expecting the service boat this morning at about 10.00 o'clock to empty our loo cans and fill us with fuel. We ended up waiting an age. Before he reached us the other boats he'd serviced had not only filled up his waste container, but had taken most of his fuel store so I took all the fuel he could give me and he promised to return in about an hour.
Just over an hour later he chugged into the dock and first of all went to the hotel boat pair to pump out their loo tank, when he got to me he wasn't sure if if he could get our two small cans in and  may have to wait another hour. As luck would have it he did manage to get ours in, and finally fill up our remaining fuel cans. The wait for fuel is well worth it here because the domestic price is only 78p/ltr., which less than we have paid anywhere since leaving Bristol 2 years ago! Some of the rob dog marinas out there are up around the 95p to £1.00 mark!
The rest of the day has been taken up with provisioning. We're leaving here tomorrow morning and thought it would be a good idea to stock up as much as we could.

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