Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday 22nd May 2012
Red letter day today. Well red T shirt anyway. This has been the first day since we set out that I've managed to live in a T shirt all day, no putting woolly pullover on half way through when the wind or clouds appear.
As you can guess it's been a glorious day. We set off from Burscough Bridge this morning and turned on to the Rufford Branch. Immediately after the junction bridge there is a lock and swing bridge as we start the descent down to the level of the river Douglas.
The countryside around here is still quite flat and most of the farming seems to be vegetables. We've seen several gangs of workers out picking leeks and broccoli.
The canal sides around here are a haven for wildlife as they are lined with reeds providing great cover.
It's that time of year again, I love it when the blackthorn (may) blossom is out. it's a bit late this year I reckon, but now in full flush, beautiful.

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