Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday 20th May 2012
A lovely quiet night was had. Liverpool was great, but being out in the country again is wonderful. Dark nights and lots of silence until the birds wake up. The view from our windows this morning was of a paddock full of horses, some lying out flat on the grass, the epitome of laziness.
A quick glance at the map and we decide that making it to Burscough today isn't a runner so we chugged off gently (another side effect of not being in a convoy is that you can go at your own pace, ours is slow). The trip was pretty uneventful, only broken by having to open several swing bridges.
We've chosen another nice open country spot again, once tied in  I settled down to watch the moto GP while the engine cooled enough to do the long overdue oil change. I'm very disappointed in the electric pump I bought last winter to do oil changes, it's failed and that's the second one I've tried so I'm back to the manual pump.
That's now done and we've settled down for the evening. I'm looking forward to a lovely Thai curry.

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