Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday 3rd May 2012 am
Had a great day yesterday. The sun shone and I took a walk into town just for a look-see. Wigan does boast a few timber framed buildings which makes the centre a lot less modern sterile.
On the way back from town I took a different route and stumbled on the Trencherfield Mill. this is an old mill building where a great engine has been restored and is is run in steam most weekends. This beast is wonder full and I was lucky, in that the place was closed but the maintenance team saw me and invited me in for a personal tour. Wow!
Later on I visited a local go-kart track and begged a couple of old tyres as super fenders., then I had a go at splicing some braided rope which I was given a long time ago but never knew how to work it. I found a tutorial on u-tube and tried using a knitting needle as a fid. It was difficult, but the result wasn't too bad, not perfect, but ok for a first attempt.


Another fine day, it was a bit cold with the wind, but the sun did try to shine quite a bit. 
We left Wigan this morning and paired up with "Aint No Rushin" to continue down through 5 locks and 3 swing bridges as far as Burscough.
Coming out of Wigan the seemingly desolate landscape slowly changed to a more rural aspect and a bit more travelling saw us passing through fine scenery as we followed the River Douglas valley as far as Parbold. Here the river turns north and we continued through mostly open country to Burscough.
This is a pleasant little village with a lovely restored wharf area which has several small specialist businesses and a chandlery.
We've moored up here, and will stay to pick up Damon and Daniel tomorrow evening.

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