Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thursday 17th May 2012
The weather wasn't as bad as forecast today. The Queen was due to take a tour of this dock today and I was heartened to see that although security was present it wasn't a stupid lock-down and we were able to move freely.
We didn't stay around to wave but carried on with our site seeing. Today it was the Anglican Cathedral and The Museum of Liverpool Life. The Cathedral is stunning, and the pics may give a clue. The views from the tower are wonderful, access isn't too bad either, it does involve quite a few steps, but most of the climb is done in two lifts.
Lion, star of The Titfield Thunderbolt

Model of what the new RC cathedral should have looked like

Top of the tower

The RC Cathedral seen from the tower of the Anglican Cathedral

A view of the docks on Birkenhead

Looking across the Mersey

The bell chamber

A view from the balcony

A closer look at the vaulting

Looking down from the balcony

A beautiful Chinese arch in China town

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