Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday 12th May 2012
Yesterday at about 9we were let through bridge 9 by BW people and we were on our way into Liverpool. The 9 mile, 2 swing bridge and 6 lock journey was in cold and blustery conditions. It took us about 5 hours, which was longer than expected because when we arrived at the top of the first 4 lock flight down into the docks the BW keepers had been called away to a bridge failure somewhere else. They finally showed up and we descended into the dock then ran along the new link cut which takes he boat along in front of the Three Graces and Liver Building, then through the maritime museum area and into Salthouse Dock. I didn't know where to point the camera next! Everywhere you look seems to be a photo opportunity Once in Salthouse Dock our berth awaited us. Due to the wind I had decided to nose into the berth rather than try and reverse.
Today we started to explore the area and decide what we want to do to get the best out of our visit.
There's a lot of pics here, so scroll down!

I can't decide which of the pics I've taken to add here so I'll be greedy and put them all on.


  1. Hello, We have been trying to remember where we have seen your boat before. It turns out that we accompanied you into Liverpool in May 2012 on our share boat Winding Down. Now we have our own secondhand boat Lillyanne (she's bright yellow) and we are currently moored opposite Lyra in Clarence Dock, Leeds. We have been living on board full time for just over four weeks with the intention of doing so for a year and then see what happens.
    Not had chance to see from your blog why you are selling up, but we wish you an easy sale. All the best Pip and Mick

    1. Well hi there,
      Good to hear from you. Welcome to Leeds. How long are you here for?
      If you're planning on being here tomorrow (Sunday) do fancy downing a wine or two Sunday evening?

    2. Hello Robert, Sorry I've only just noticed your reply this evening. We left Leeds early yesterday morning to head for Rodley where we were meeting some friends last night. A shame as it would have been nice to say hello in person and to share a wine or two with you.


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