Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday 31st May 2012
All good things come to an end. The weather man has been predicting rain today for some time now, but it wasn't until I looked at their website this morning that I saw they changed it from a 40-60% chance to 95-100% chance. And boy did it rain? If we hadn't had to move today we wouldn't have. 
Donning my raincoat and boots we cast off heading for a facilities point near Lymm where the guide book says there is a full service block. Not true! When we got there it turns out there is an elsan point, but nothing else. Well, it was that service we really needed so it was off again looking for shopping. We had planned to stop at Stockton Heath to shop and then continue on to Preston Brook to get some stuff at Midland Chandlers. When we got to Stockton I found that Thorne Marine carried all the things we needed, so no need to continue on through the rain.
I took a wet walk into town to do the shopping and then settled down to dry out. 
Just outside our window is a pair of swans with 8 little cygnets paddling around in the rain looking fully at home.
This weekend it's The Crick Show, I'd love to be there but it isn't going to happen this year. I do hope that for the sake of those lucky souls who can make it that the weather plays ball for them.

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