Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday 27th May 2012
After rubbing in some sun screen, because I decided to wear shorts in celebration of that big orb in the sky, we continued along the Leigh Branch to the town of Leigh, the canal then seamlessly becomes The Bridgewater Canal. Unusual on the system, where the norm was to put in a "stop lock" to prevent one company's canal stealing water from another.
A cool breeze kept the heat to a comfortable level as we chugged past Astley, Boothstown, Worsley and Patricroft. Just after that we crossed the Barton Aqueduct and started to to look for somewhere to moor up. Our hope was to find a place where we could access The Trafford Centre. We soon found that there are rings available right by a gate from the towparth into the shopping area. A quick recce by yours truly to see what it's like. Well, at first sight it's different. More on that tomorrow when I get some pics.

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