Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Monday 21st May 2012
What a change! We awoke to brilliant sunshine this morning. As we glided along the cut a few puffy little clouds appeared, and a chill breeze came up but only for a short time. By 11.00 o'clock both the clouds and breeze disappeared and it's been a wonderful day.
We motored as far as Burscough where we used the facilities on the wharf and then moored up opposite in a lovely spot that we used last time we were here, very lucky to get it. 
The last time we were here we eat out at The Blue Mallard and were impressed with the standard of food and service sp thought we might do it again. Someone else recommended that we have a look at The Hop Vine. This we did, and it looks great. they have a small brewery on site and after a light lunch and a glimpse of their menu I think we may do that tonight.
Finally we've seen our first cygnets of this year. The proud parents showing off 7 little balls of fluff.

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