Tuesday, 24 August 2010

After writing yesterday's entry there was a knock on the side of the boat from a chap having trouble with his engine and was asking if anyone could give him a jump start. With all the moorings now taken up I was not too keen on leaving our place to take the boat down to him and then come back and find our spot gone. Luckily next boat along said they would keep an eye on the spot for me.
I took the boat back to his and got out my jump leads, and with his as well we just had enough to reach. It soon became apparent that wasn't his only trouble. There was a reason for his lack of volts and it wasn't just a flat battery. He had a massive short somewhere in his system and it was causing any power, including mine, to disappear down a black hole. With a bit of work we managed to get his engine going but there was no time for me to dive into his system to try and find the short, it's old boat and the wiring is a birds nest. He decided to get off the river and go up the canal while his engine was still running.
Today we've just been looking around town and generally chilling out.

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