Monday, 16 August 2010

Lovely lockside house, Welsh Road Lock

Snipe and Taurus with musicians

Bascote staircase locks

Sunday 15th August

A much better day today. Nice lie in, sun shining, and a boat to share the 10 locks with. Not only that but they had a load of crew as well so it all went very easily.

We stopped at Long Itchington to do a bit of shopping and then carried on to the next set of locks. This time there is a difference, the first 2 locks of this flight are a staircase. For the uninitiated this means that the top gates of one lock are the bottom gates of the next, which means that if boats are starting up or down then others can't come the other way until the staircase is cleared. We did the final 2 locks of this flight and then looked for somewhere to moor. We've ended up just above Welsh Road Lock, No.18. Here we met a Hotel Boat pair, Snipe and Taurus stopped for lunch. They even have musicians on board.

Tomorrow we will continue on to either Leamington Spa or Warwick.

Monday 16th August

Another lovely day. We set off about 9.15 and after cycling through lock 18 we were joined by another boat for the next 5 locks which took us down to the lowest level of this part of the canal.

We have stopped now at a very handy mooring with access to a nearby Tesco.

I've also managed to finally get the gearbox oil changed.

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