Wednesday, 4 August 2010

We went into town this morning to do a bit of shopping. After a lot of hassle at the Orange shop I have managed to change my internet dongle. The old one was the cause of a lot of my slow connection problems (I hope). Anyway this one appears to work quite well except until I can get a patch of some sort it won't work with the Ubuntu (linux) operating system I prefer and so am reduced to using windows. However the faster connection has allowed me to at last get a map link for our position if anyone is interested.
We managed to get a few more books to read at Waterstones which will keep us in reading material for a while and this afternoon I cycled back to Maplins to get a headset which will work with the new two way radios we bought yesterday.
Tonight is our last on the Thames, tomorrow we'll be off up the Oxford Canal.
If anyone is interested in our trip photos I am uploading them to Google web albums so I can authorise you to view them if you wish as long as I have you email address.,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.744629,-1.25323&spn=0.002202,0.005681&t=h&z=18

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