Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday 22nd August

We have moved down the 11 locks, 77 ft. of Wilmcote Flight. Top lock was a bit of a struggle, a boat on the way up couldn't get the lock to fill enough to open the gate. There appeared to be something caught in the bottom gate which was allowing too much leakage. After draining the lock we managed to move something from the gate sill and tried again. This time success, they moved out and we sailed in. We continued down the flight but soon noticed that no one was following us. It seems that something else caught in the gate and was giving a huge amount of trouble, we were lucky there. We're now moored up near to the A46 Bridge. There are 5 more locks to do before entering Bancroft Basin.

I took the bike down the towpath into the basin area for a look, there are moorings available at present so maybe there will be something there when we arrive tomorrow.

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