Monday, 2 August 2010

Monday 2nd August

Planning a short day today we didn't hurry out of bed. When ready to go we had to turn the boat in the river because last night we spotted a mooring place a bit late and instead of reversing I turned around to face upstream.

We plodded on quite slowly because the washing machine was running and our planned distance today was too short to complete a wash cycle so rather than rush we went slow so as not to have to run the engine for too long while moored.

Our destination today was Eynsham lock where access to the local village is fairly easy, I shopped here on the way up river and still can't get over that such a small village is so well served by shops. In our travels we have come across villages as big as this one with no shops at all, not even a post office.

Once again the internet signal here is rubbish so no pictures or links to our position.

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