Saturday, 14 August 2010

Calcott Top Lock

Saturday 14th August

Once again with the weather forecast we decided to get a reasonably early start. After dumping a can at Napton services we set off for the last 2 miles to Napton Junction.

This seems to be a very popular place to have a marina, there are 4 of them near here at the Junction, two of which are enormous. At the junction we turned left towards Warwick and soon encountered Calcutt Locks, the first double locks since the Thames. They were built in the 1930s to replace narrow locks, which can still be seen along side. The Paddle gear is unique to this area and I don't know how it is worked. I think it might be worm and nut, or recirculating ball, but someone else reckoned it was hydraulic, so until I ask someone who really knows it will remain a mystery to me. Dropping down through the 3 locks we continued along for about 2 more miles before the rain started again so we decided to call it a day and moor up for the night about a mile from the next flight of 10 locks, the 8 Stockton Locks and 2 Itchington locks.

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