Monday, 23 August 2010

Moored outside The Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Monday 23rd August

After a very wet night it had least stopped tipping it down by the time we woke up and had breakfast. We set off to do the final 5 locks down to Stratford Basin, stopping on the way to top up with water and empty a can. As we dropped the more than 30 ft to the basin level we passed a lot of boats going the other way and this raised our hopes that the basin wouldn't be full. When we eased through the final bridge it became apparent that we were not to be lucky, the place was still packed.

Luckily the river front, which yesterday had been completely stuffed with boats was half empty, so we dropped the final 3 ft 10in through the last lock onto the Avon and moored up opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. As we were going through the last lock it started to rain fairly heavily so our luck with the weather had run out.

Just across the park where we are moored there is a Chinese buffet restaurant so we treated ourselves to lunch while watching the rain absolutely throwing it down for about 20 minutes.


  1. Daniel and I are looking forward to visiting this week. Lots of opportunity to take Dan for walks around to try and get his confidence up. Hopefully the rain will have eased by then.

  2. Hi Bob and Cath.
    Looks like things are going well apart from a little shower.


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