Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Just thought I'd write a bit more about what went on today.

The weatherman told us it would rain this morning, he lied again. We wandered into town to do some shopping, I needed to go to the Orange shop because I suspect my mobile dongle isn't working properly. What an ordeal that was. Yes they could let me have a new one, on a new contract which was better than the one I'm on at present. Good says I, so we start the process, but come the end the salesman couldn't complete the deal online, some problem with Orange website (gives one great confidence). So it's on the phone and guess what? The voice at the other end won't let him do it. It seems I'm on a 24 month contract and the new one is for only 18 months and their screens say that a change can't be made. Several phone call later it seems nothing can be done; bear in mind I've now been there and hour and I'm losing the will to live! Finally we managed to get something out of it but it cost me £15.00. Not bad, a new faster dongle and what they call 'happy hour' that is unlimited downloads for one hour every day on top of my allocation, so I should be able to get more pics on the blog, but only if I've got a mobile signal and we all know that isn't a given when on a canal.

By the way, the rain came early afternoon, and boy did it come! Absolutely pouring it down for about 30 minutes, followed by a couple of hours of light rain.

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