Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lyra moored at Lechlade

Tuesday 3rd August

A gentle trip down stream this morning brought us to a good mooring opposite the western exit of the River Cherwell here in Oxford. The sun threatened to shine for a while this morning but nothing came of it and the day has remained fairly dull.

I cycled up to Maplins for another attempt to buy some two way radios. This time I made the chap test them in the shop as I didn't want another two way trip for faulty goods. They worked fine in the store so I took then back to the boat only to find that the ear piece and adaptor I had bought with them was causing to radio mike to cut out; so its back to the shop tomorrow to get something that works.

This afternoon we walked up into the town for a look see, it rain very lightly for a few minutes but nothing to get wet about.

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